What You Need to Know

Your benefits support your health and well-being so you’re able to perform at your best every day. As a benefits-eligible employee, you can enroll yourself and your dependents in Company-sponsored coverage. Note: Depending on your retirement plan option, different eligibility rules may apply.

Your Eligibility

You are eligible to participate in the health and welfare benefits program, if you are a regular, full-time or part-time employee working at least 20 hours per week or a faculty member with at least half-time appointment.

Your benefits coverage will become effective on your date of hire, unless otherwise stated in your offer letter or employment contract.

Medicare-eligible employees

If you become eligible for Medicare while working, your active employee benefits will not change. If you enroll in Medicare in addition to your Company-sponsored medical plan, Medicare will pay secondary. This means Medicare will only pay for expenses that are not covered by your Company-sponsored medical plan.

In addition, according to IRS rules, you cannot enroll in Medicare and contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). Once you enroll in Medicare, you can continue to use money already in your HSA, but no further contributions can be made.

If you leave the Company and elect COBRA, you will need to enroll in Medicare, as Medicare will become your primary insurance coverage. Your Company-sponsored COBRA coverage will pay secondary even if you do not enroll in Medicare.

Have you gotten married? Divorced? Had a baby? Certain life events may allow you to change your coverage during the year.

Learn about life events

Dependent Eligibility

If you are eligible for coverage, you can enroll your eligible dependents, including your:

  • Legally married spouse or eligible domestic partner, including:
    • A partnership registered with a state or local government registry, or
    • A partner that lives together with you in an exclusive and committed relationship and is financially interdependent (as verified by approved documentation).
  • Dependent children under the age of 26, regardless of residential, marital, or student status, or financial dependency, including your:
    • Natural children
    • Legally adopted children
    • Foster children
    • Stepchildren
    • Children for whom you are a legal guardian (subject to the plan provisions)
    • Domestic partner’s children
  • Unmarried dependent children over the age of 26 who are unable to support themselves due to a serious mental or physical disability. To qualify, your dependent must have become disabled before the age of 26 and covered under this plan, or another medical plan, as a disabled participant.

Important! The Company’s primary responsibility is to provide benefits to eligible employees and their eligible dependents. If you add a dependent, you will be required to provide verification of dependent status. Some acceptable forms of documentation include birth and marriage certificates, an adoption certificate, or a tax return. Be on the lookout for any mailings from Consova, an independent audit firm who will request dependent eligibility verification.

Note: Qualified domestic partners may be enrolled for medical, dental, vision, dependent life insurance, and voluntary benefits. Due to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, domestic partners are not considered eligible dependents for Flexible Spending Accounts or Health Savings Accounts. 

Please note that federal law governs the taxation of employee benefits and IRS regulations generally require employees to pay after-tax contributions toward domestic partner coverage and require any contributions made by the Company to be imputed back to you as taxable income, such as the Company portion of health insurance coverage.

Adding a dependent?

Look out for mail from Consova, an independent audit firm who will request your dependent eligibility verification documents.