What You Need to Know

Traveling internationally is an adventure but can also be more difficult to sort out when trouble arises. That’s why we offer various tools to support you.

Health Insurance

Whether you’re traveling internationally for fun or for work, it’s important to know what’s available if you need care.

International personal travel

If you’re enrolled in an Anthem BCBS medical plan, you and your covered dependents have access to international health care coverage through the Global Core program. Global Core has a network of doctors and hospitals in over 200 countries around the world. You can use them for emergency care, urgent care, and any services that would be covered under your Anthem BCBS plan in the U.S.

If you need care, contact Global Core Services for help with translation, required authorizations and appointment scheduling. Also, contact Anthem BCBS for any care that might require precertification, like surgeries or skilled nursing.

If you need a refill of your prescription, contact Express Scripts before you travel for a vacation refill. If you need to fill the prescription while you’re abroad, pay for the prescription out of pocket, and submit a claim to Express Scripts. You must submit a receipt and copy of your prescription with the claim form.

Short-term international business travel

If you’re traveling internationally for work for less than six months, you have medical insurance through Allianz Worldwide Care. Advance enrollment is not required. Your short-term international medical insurance will cover medically necessary costs, including:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Prescription drugs
  • Emergency hospitalization
  • Local ambulance
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Medical evacuation or repatriation

You must pay for services out of pocket and then submit a claim with your original invoice. Contact Human Resources for international health care claims information. Dependents are not eligible for coverage under this plan.

Long-term international business travel

If you are traveling internationally for work for six months or more, you and your dependents have access to medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage through Allianz Worldwide Care. Advance enrollment is required. Contact Human Resources for eligibility information.

Have a Question?

Check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions for more information about business travel and filing a claim for benefits.

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Business Travel Accident Insurance

Business Travel Accident Insurance pays a benefit if you die or are injured in a covered accident while traveling for Company-sponsored business.

Depending on the extent of your injury, you’re eligible for a benefit of up to three times your annual base salary, up to a maximum benefit of $2 million. Business Travel Accident benefits are paid in addition to anything you would receive under Employee Life and AD&D Insurance.

Check your beneficiaries!

If you die, your Business Travel Accident Insurance benefits are paid to your beneficiary(ies). It’s important that you review your beneficiaries annually and make any necessary updates. Your Business Travel Accident Insurance beneficiary(ies) are the same as your Life and AD&D beneficiary(ies).

Review your beneficiaries