What You Need to Know

It happens: You hurt your back while doing home repairs, your spouse slips on the stairs, your child gets injured playing sports, and so on. Even the best medical plans can leave you with unexpected expenses. Accident insurance provides the extra financial support you may need so you can worry less about money and more about recovery. Also, the coverage is portable, which means if you leave the Company, the coverage may be continued.

Understanding Accident Insurance

Accident insurance,* insured by MetLife, is a voluntary benefit that supplements your medical insurance and offers financial protection in case of a covered accident. It also pays a benefit if you undergo testing or receive medical services, treatment, or care for any one of more than 150 covered events.


You and your covered family members can enroll in voluntary accident insurance during your initial eligibility period (generally when you first become benefits eligible) or yearly during Annual Enrollment.

Using your benefit

There’s no waiting period to start receiving benefits for any new covered accidents.* When you have a covered accident, payments from MetLife are paid directly to you, depending on the type of accident or illness. You can use that money however you want, including deductibles, co-pays, household expenses, or bills. Accident insurance pays in addition to any benefits you receive from other coverage, like your medical plan.

If you have a covered accident, log in to the MetLife website or contact MetLife for a claim form. Complete the form and submit it to MetLife via email, fax, or mail. You’ll need to submit a physician statement with your claim.

Paying for coverage

You pay for coverage through convenient payroll deductions.

* For more information on payment taxes and benefit limits and exclusions contact MetLife.

Learn more about accident insurance

Watch a brief presentation on covered accidents, claims, and more.

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Covered accidents

Here are some of the covered accidents and the associated benefit payment ranges:

Injuries Benefit Payment
Fractures and dislocations $50–$3,000
Second- and third-degree burns $50–$5,000
Concussions $200
Cuts/lacerations $25–$200
Eye injuries $200
Medical Services and Treatment Benefit Payment
Ambulance $200–$750
Emergency care $25–$50
Physician follow-up $50
Therapy services (including physical therapy) $15
Inpatient surgery $100–$1,000
Hospital Coverage (Accident) Benefit Payment
Admission $1,000 per accident
Inpatient rehab (paid per accident) $100 a day, up to 15 days
Other benefits Benefit Payment
Medical services and treatment Up to $1,000
Hospitalizations from accidents Up to $1,000