What You Need to Know

While you hope never to have a car accident or house fire, it’s important to put protections in place so you’re not stuck paying for the damages. Protect yourself from the unexpected with auto, home, and renters insurance. Also, the coverage is portable, which means if you leave the Company, the coverage may be continued.

Understanding Auto and Home Insurance

Auto and home insurance, insured by Farmers, is a voluntary benefit that offers financial protection for your personal transportation or home.


You can enroll in voluntary auto and home insurance at any time by calling Farmers.

Using your benefit

There’s no waiting period to start receiving benefits. Simply file a claim, and Farmers will make covered payments directly to you. Plus, there are built-in rewards for safe driving. You can lower your deductible just by avoiding an accident!

Paying for coverage

You receive preferred pricing on your auto and home insurance coverage which can be paid by convenient paycheck deductions. To review your coverage, just visit MyBenefits, type in Bertelsmann as the Company name, and select Auto & Home Insurance.

Covered services

Auto and home insurance protects you from the hidden costs of damage to your personal transportation or home. Based on your family’s needs, you can select policies for auto, home, renter’s, condo, boat, recreational vehicle, and more. Plus, certain policies cover everything inside your home, so you can replace your valuable possessions if they are damaged or destroyed.