What You Need to Know

Hospital stays are expensive—even the best medical plan can leave you with high bills. A little support goes a long way when you or a loved one is in the hospital. That’s where hospital indemnity insurance comes in. Also, the coverage is portable, which means if you leave the Company, the coverage may be continued.

Understanding Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital indemnity insurance,* insured by MetLife, is a voluntary benefit that supplements your medical insurance and offers financial protection in case of a covered hospitalization. It provides you with payments when you are admitted to a hospital due to an accident or illness. It also pays extra benefits for admission to an intensive care unit (ICU).


You and your covered family members can enroll in voluntary hospital indemnity insurance during your initial eligibility period (generally when you first become eligible for benefits) or yearly during Annual Enrollment. 

Using your benefit

There’s no waiting period to start receiving benefits for any covered hospitalization after you’re enrolled.* When you file a claim for a covered hospitalization, payments from MetLife are paid directly to you. You can use that money however you want, including medical plan deductibles or coinsurance, household expenses, or bills.

Paying for coverage

You pay for coverage through payroll deductions.

Covered services

Here are some of the covered services and associated benefit payments:

Hospital coverage (accident) Benefit Payment
Admission (must occur within 180 days after the accident) $1,500
Confinement (must occur within 180 days after the accident) $150 a day, up to 365 days per covered person per accident
Inpatient rehab (must occur immediately following hospitalization and within 365 days of the accident) $100 a day, up to 15 days per covered person per accident; 30 days per calendar year maximum
Hospital coverage (sickness) Benefit Payment
Admission $1,500, one time per calendar year
Confinement $150 a day, up to 365 days per covered person per sickness
Other benefits Benefit Payment
Lodging for a companion accompanying a covered person while hospitalized $100 a day, 30 days per calendar year maximum; lodging facility must be located within 50 miles from the covered person’s primary residence
* For more information on payment taxes and benefit limits and exclusions, contact MetLife.
Not including certain facilities such as nursing homes, convalescent care, or extended care facilities

Learn more about hospital indemnity insurance

Watch a brief presentation on covered services, filing claims, and more.

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