What You Need to Know

Whether it’s traffic or public transportation delays, getting to and from work can be a real headache. While we can’t fix your morning commute, the commuter benefits program can help you lower your taxable income while paying for work-related transportation needs.

Understanding the Transportation Spending Account

The Transportation Spending Account, administered by HealthEquity, lets you set aside money from your paycheck to pay for work-related commuting and parking expenses.

When you enroll, you choose how much to contribute to your account through pre-tax or after-tax payroll deductions. HealthEquity will then send you your commuting pass or a debit card to use for qualified transportation and parking expenses.

Keep your receipts! HealthEquity may require you to prove you used your Transportation Spending Account for a covered expense.

Contributing to Your Account

To set up your account:

  • Log in to HealthEquity, and select Enroll in Commuter.
  • Select Transit, Van Pool or Parking.
  • Select your transit operator, the pass you need, and the frequency.

You’ll receive a confirmation email when you enroll. Your pass or debit card will arrive in the mail toward the end of each month.

Contribution limits

The maximum monthly pre-tax contribution is $270 for commuting expenses and $270 for parking expenses. Any contributions over $270 will be deducted from your paycheck on an after-tax basis.

Transit cards are recharged automatically on the 20th of each month. Parking cards are recharged automatically on the last day of the month. Any amounts you don’t use each month will roll over to the following month.

When you enroll, you can elect for your contribution election to renew automatically each month. However, your elections will stop temporarily if you have a transit or parking balance of $1,000.

Changing Your Order

If you want to place, change, or cancel your order, you must do so by the 4th day of the month prior to the month you want it changed. For example, if you want to make a change to your April commuter benefit, you must submit that change prior to March 4.

To cancel or change an existing order, log in to HealthEquity, and select Modify or Cancel Order from the dashboard. Then, complete the steps as prompted.

Leaves of Absence

If you have a Transportation Spending Account election and have a paid or unpaid leave of absence, such as a disability, parental leave or sabbatical, your commuter order will be cancelled automatically. When you return from leave your order will not restart automatically and you will need to re-enroll by logging on to HealthEquity.

If your card is lost or damaged, or does not arrive before the first of the month, contact HealthEquity immediately.

Contact HealthEquity

Leaving Employment

You can continue to access your:

  • Transit Spending Account (with a debit card election) for up to 90 days after the last day of the month in which you leave the Company.
  • Parking Spending Account (with a debit card election) up until the last day of employment.

After that time, you’ll forfeit any remaining pre-tax funds and HealthEquity credits. HealthEquity will refund post-tax funds via check or direct deposit.

If you selected reimbursement through the Pay Me Back option for either Transit or Parking, you can submit claims up to 180 days after your last day of employment. After that time any remaining funds are forfeited.